Changing method of restarting Syncthing? [Docker]

When running Syncthing inside a Docker container, it’s necessary to use some sort of supervisory process manager (like supervisord, upstart, runit, etc) as the “primary” process. Otherwise if Syncthing is the only/primary process running and it restarts, the container instantly stops when Syncthing does.

I’m sure I’m not asking this right, but is there a way to maintain part of the Syncthing process running while reloading the parts (new settings, nodes, etc.) that require the restart?

It’s not a big deal if that’s impossible or not desired! Docker seems to be taking off, and it would just be nice to minimize the number processes running per container. I can probably just use the systemd “Restart=always” directive to restart the container when it stops (as long it’s being managed by some external container manager like systemd or the equivalent).

Thanks, Scott

You’ll want to use a supervisor process of some sort for the time being. Long term we should minimize the amount of restarting needed.

Ok, thanks for the reply.


FYI, using systemd as an external ‘supervisor’ works perfectly to restart the syncthing container when necessary without requiring the internal ‘supvervisord’ dependency.