Changing files location

Hi I have a computer that I have used to share a lot off shared folders with other computers but now I want to change my location off the files on my computer how do I go about doing this with snychthing

Anyone know how I can do this ?

Option 1 (most fail-save):

  • Remove the folders from syncthing
  • Move the folders on disk
  • Readd the folder in syncthing, using the same id’s and settings as previously

Option 2:

  • Stop syncthing
  • Move folders on disk
  • Open syncthing’s config.xml and modify the path attribute of the <folder> XML entries.
  • Save the file and restart syncthing

-> Note that for option 2, all folder (meta-)data should stay the same to avoid unexpected results or even data loss. Make a backup first.

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With Option 2 I would additionally recommend to set the folder to “receive-only” and switch that back to send-receive once the initial scan and index exchange are done and everything looks good and dandy (still not failsafe though, as is everything else -> backups!).

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I usually do a variant of that and set a known-good device to send-only prior to shady manoeuvres. Then that place is protected, and there’s a handy override there in case of havoc.

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