changing assets/gui

I’m stuck. Could someone give me a hint how to reflect changes in


into a fresh go run build.go ?

I tried go run build.go assets && go run build.go and it didn’t do the trick.

I even tried rm -rf $(go env GOCACHE) (don’t try this at home)

All I wanted to try is to rearrange the navigation buttons in the synced files list, so they don’t jump under the mouse when the page number width changes.

That should do the trick; there may be caching involved. For development, set STGUIASSETS instead.


OMG. Shift-Reload im my browser did the trick. I didn’t recon the browser also caches .css from an older syncthing instance.


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There’s (recently) magic to do the caching Properly™, but for efficiency reasons and due to how we do the build, the assets are considered unchanged as long as the commit date is the same. So changing the assets and recompiling without committing will not automatically cause a browser refresh.

Setting STGUIASSETS should work, though.

yep, normal dev workflow now… hack hack, ^S, swap window, Shift-Reload, tada! Methinks the issue was the browser cache only, since strace -f -s200 -e file -o bla go run build.go assets told me it was reading my edited files :sunglasses:

[meme] “I don’t always read man pages, but when I do, I tried strace first”

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