Changing a Folder's Path?

I have many clients pointing to a single folder on my server. I’d like to move that folder somewhere else, but that would entail changing the Syncthing path.

I assume it’s not editable in the GUI for obvious reasons as you could probably really muck things up doing this. I’ll edit the config.xml directly.

Given that I’m moving the folder and its contents in their entitreity, and plan to shut down Syncthing during the move, are there any other gotchas I might run into?

Data is backed up, obviously, :wink:


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As long as you both move the folder on disk and change the config while syncthing is down, you’ll be fine. The gotcha is pretty much what you’ve probably already figured out - change just the path and syncthing may consider all files deleted (there are some safeguards).

I also ran onto this today. Would it be feasible to add an option to relocate a given folder? There’s such option in uTorrent, for example.