Changes to untrusted device not syncing

I have the following setup

Android based device running v1.20.3 configured as Send Only syncting with Linux untrusted device running v1.20.3 configured as Receive Encrypted

Both sides show same percentages and number of “Out of Sync Items” files for a few different folders.

These files “refuse” to be synced.

Nothing show up in the logs to indicate any issue. It almost feels the receiving device is not requesting the files.

I made a test and renamed one of the “Out of sync” files. It got synced as a new file, while the file with the old name still remain in the “Out of sync” list.

Used --reset-deltas on both devices - it didn’t fix the problem.

How do I troubleshoot further?

Can you post screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI from both devices? On Android, you can access it using the left slide-out menu.

Here is a link to bunch of screenshots:

The only thing that stands out is that the Recipient shows the Modified device as “Unknown”

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