Changes related to proto3 getting reverted

(Simon) #1

With the update to proto 1.2.0 in a proto3 option has been added in quite few places, some file headers removed, … When I run go run build.go proto on current master (i.e. with that PR) those changes get reverted. The package I am using that provides protoc is at v3.6.1, which is up-to-date. Anything else I could be missing?

(Jakob Borg) #2

go install the protoc-gen-gogofast from v1.2.0 (in repos/protobuf for example), I think that’s the thing.

That works for me anyway, on both my computers now, with protoc 3.6.1 like you.

(Simon) #3

Ok that worked - thanks.

Shouldn’t this be handled by build.go, in additional to downloading the correct repo which it already does?

(Jakob Borg) #4

It can’t really handle all of it (installing protoc etc)… But I guess it could install the gen-gogofast binary somewhere and tweak $PATH to point to it, etc.

(xor-gate) #5

For complex builds and specific tooling dependencies Bazel could be an option, only you introduce a fearly new open-sourced software component into the project but could be a nice experiment to have reproducible builds including same tooling.

(David Rimmer) #6

I do hope that

was not a typo. I see it as a wonderfully useful expression.:wink: