Changes not appearing on Linux box

So I recently installed Lubuntu on my laptop due to issues with Windows 7. I’ve installed Syncthing on there, and it seems to work well. However, it’s not picking up any of my changes from other Syncthing instances in several folders. These are all subdirectories of /media/ben/Documents, which is an NTFS partition that I mount at startup (under Autostart, running udisksctl). Is this maybe a permissions issue or something? The Documents partition has permissions rwxrwxrwx, and I presume syncthing is running as my username (ben). Sorry if this is a bit vague. How should I go about diagnosing the problem?

All errors are either in the log or in the UI, showing up as failed items.

Just what I thought! But there’s nothing ‘failed’ in the UI, and I can’t see anything obvious in the log. If I create a file on my (Windows) desktop though, it doesn’t get propagated to my (Linux) laptop. The reverse process works fine.

Please post screenshots and logs from both sides.

Certainly. Logs:

I paused all but one folder (‘Home’) on laptop (bjs54port1). At 15:13:49 I created New Text Document (3).txt on desktop (bjs54dell). At 15:14:31 I created New3 on laptop. New3 was mirrored to desktop but New Text Document (3).txt did not appear on laptop.

STTRACE was set to model on both.

The problem seems to be this:

[D6C7D] 15:15:28 INFO: Connection to [desktop-id] closed: protocol error: index update: "House move/~$House move 2015.xlsx": file with empty block list

that is causing this, which is related to this:

Can you zip up the database (index-*) on the desktop and email it to me or @calmh ?

Creating and deleting that file should be enough (as I suspect it will not exist), but please make sure you zip up the database before you destroy the evidence that would help us find the cause of this.

Also, is that file present on the desktop?

Will do. That’s a big folder! (347MiB)

The file was not present on the desktop or the laptop.

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Thanks. I see the problem.

Still can’t get it to stop disconnecting though! I’ve tried creating and deleting the file on both desktop and laptop, and removing the filter from my .stignore file on both machines. Is there a “database reset” option somewhere?

There is, syncthing -reset-database, which does the same as just removing the index-0.14.0.db directory. Needs to happen while Syncthing is not running, on the desktop side.

Or better yet, upgrade to 0.14.27-rc.3 that I’m releasing now with the fix in it. And thank you for testing the pre-releases to begin with!

I did reset the database, which seems to have helped, and it didn’t take too long to rebuild. I’ll certainly keep on the bleeding edge, it’s nice to get such a speedy response!

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