Changes from PC not Pushed to Android

Hi, i just setup SyncThing on PC and Android.

On PC I have KeePassXC and KeeShare enabled. The KeeShare-KDBX File goes to the synched Folder with the phone.

If i make a change on pc, the File gets updated - i see it in KeePass and also in the file Spec.

But it gets not synched to my Mobile… I wait a while, open the db on the phone but still have the old version.

If i Make changes in phone the Updates get reflected to pc very fast.

Any Idea why Push from PC doesnt Work properly? If i do Synch on PC in SyncThing manually, I´ll see changes made on the pc in my phone.

Thanks in advance for your help, i hope i just miss something very small - tripple checked my two tutorials i followed. Couldn´t find the issue myself sofar.

the second tutorial i followed is:

I also changend now to Updates in Wifi only (with static IP) but other than in this tutorial i still use Send & Receive

Are you using KeePassXC’s KeeShare feature to export only specific records to your Android device?

Hey - thanks for your reply. I just think i found out. On PC Side it just takes a bit longer than on mobile side to push changes.