Changelogs for v0.12.15 to v0.12.25

There are no changelogs for minor releases? Link from v0.12.15 GUI leads to and I don’t see any details there.

Forum release tag is also scarce

So do I miss something?

They should be there… Something bad seems to be happened… @calmh

0.12.25 doesn’t exist, for starters.

Versions older than 0.12.24 had to be archived for technical reasons, see

The 0.12.24 changelog is on GitHub, at the link you posted.

And where is changelog for 0.12.23? is empty.

It had to be removed for technical reasons, please see the issue I linked to.

I don’t get how broken update mechanism relates to changelog availability.

Syncthing 0.12.23’s upgrade mechanism had an incorrect limit on the size of responses received from GitHub’s API, which is used for determining if an update is available. This meant that version 0.12.23 was not able to upgrade, because it thought it was receiving too much information from GitHub.

The API response from GitHub contained everything on the “Releases” page, including all past releases and their associated changelogs. In order to un-break users on 0.12.23, the size of this response had to be reduced. This required removing records of previous releases, which also required removing their changelogs.

I should add, the upgrade mechanism has now been changed slightly, so that this situation shouldn’t happen again.

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OMG. Now I see.

So why not to move logs to some in repository?

I mean just removing them is unfair. I’d like to update on what’s new since v0.12.15

They could be potentially - I think the assumption was that people probably wouldn’t care about the changelogs for historic releases.

You could always read the commit log I guess.

To be honest, I think they are lost, unless someone forked fairly recently ir unless someone spends rebuilding them (which I doubt it will happen).

Were they auto-generated? If so, I would imagine they could be auto-generated again?

They weren’t, I think it was calmh manually picking stuff from commit log.

They were 99% the commit log for tagged issues, in rare circumstances an odd comment or addition. See script/change log.go for the generation of them from any given release.

The problems is to understand where 0.12.15 commits start, and commit log is also too verbose. Changelog can be skimmed, and commit messages are hard to skip - need to scroll through all these pages. Detailed changelog may be not as useful as human friendly summary.

0.12.15 commit starts that the 0.12.15 tag. As calmh explained, change log is the commit log. is the tag, how long to read up to v0.12.17? Provided that there is v0.12.17.

Use the compare feature.

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Half of the list is that Merge pull request garbage. =/

Well then be the good citizen and produce a clean one we can commit to the repo.