Changed micro SD card on my Android phone


I have Syncthing installed on my Android phone (a Samsung S9) to backup the photos I take with my phone on my Windows 10 PC. Everything worked fine, but the other day I changed the micro sd card with a larger one. This broke the sync and this is what I see on my android syncthing app:

Obvioulsy what I want to achieve is to sync again my phone, without also duplicating the file already backupped on my PC.

I hope there’s an easy way to fix this.

Thank you

I think the easiest way would be to disconnect that first peer and reconnect it so that a “.stfolder” is also created on the new SD card. “Folder path missing” tell you about this missing folder.

Or you can access the directories with a file manager and copy a “.stfolder” from the second peer to the first, then also it should work again.

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Thank you Andy for your prompt help.

I didn’t really understood very well your suggestions, but navigating in the NEW sd card with a file manager showed that there are 2 .stfolder files.

I guess that:

  • the .stfolder file is the original stfolder that I copied from the old sd card to the new when i did my migration (with teracopy)
  • the .stfolder(1) duplicate is the brand new stfolder that was created when I first inserted the new sd card in my phone (i did that before doing the copy).

If this is the case, I should just delete the “.stfolder” file and rename the “.stfolder(1)” in “.stfolder”, right?

Doe you check all the needed permissions?

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I dont thik there’s a permission issue.

For now I’m trying the following:

1 - deleted the share on my phone from Syncthing

2 - recreated a new share in syncthing pointing at the same folder (used also the same share name; folder ID is obviously different

3 - shared it with my pc using as destination folder the same folder of the deleted share

4 - currently in syncronization (Scanning), I hope it won’t download all the files again

That was the right thing to do: Changing the SD changed the 0142-E125 part of the folder root path, so you needed to recreate it at the new location. And no, if the data is there already it wont retransmit anything data (it will still stay in syncing state for a while, when it compares the data with the other devices).

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Yes, in the end everything was fine. After the scanning part it just trasmitted the new data. After it finished I deleted the duplicate share on my Syncthing pc client too.

Thanks for the help

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Ah right, I missed that part. So while it’s working for you just for completeness/posteriority’s sake:

Here you could have used the same ID, which would have instantly linked it up again with the remote folder, without needing to reshare and without creating a duplicate folder there.

Answer to the original question:

I usually resolve this problem by saving the Syncthing configuration (Settings > Backup > Export Configuration), manually editing the config file (replacing the old SDCard ID with the new one), and then importing the modified configuration back (Settings > Backup > Import Configuration).


Interesting, I have to remind this one.


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