change the default path for autoaccept

When I have the auto accept feature turned on, the folder I share gets synchronized with a folder created under default path on the remote device. Can I change this default path on the remote device, under which my shared auto accept folders will be created?

As far as I know you can adjust the default folder configuration to accomplish this. Actions → Settings → Edit Folder Defaults → Folder path

Template for a folder element, with the same internal structure. Any fields here will be used for a newly added shared folder. The id attribute is meaningless in this context.

The UI will propose to create new folders at the path given in the path attribute (used to be defaultFolderPath under options). It also applies to folders automatically accepted from a remote device.

Even sharing with other remote devices can be done in the template by including the appropriate folder.device element underneath.


YOU cannot change the path on remote device, unless YOU are between the chair and the keyboard over there (eventually remote desktop or something else). Just instruct remote device to use their settings to set the default path. If we were prompted to define a path in your case, we couldn’t call the behaviour “Auto accept” anymore.

Have a good day.

[EDIT]: if your goal is to have the FolderName to match the /FolderName on remote side, just change temporarily the FolderName on your side, then invite remote, then when [auto]-accepted, revert your side FolderName. To have lights of what I mean, just switch your ST GUI language to French (and maybe use any translator) and read all help text on the Create/Edit Folder popup window: there is a tip here.