Change the default http port

This is a minor nitpick, but it’s bothered me a couple of times. Port 8080 is really really common for applications to listen to (both when apps are run in dev mode, test servers, etc), and syncthing conflicts with this on each machine I’ve installed it in.

Sure I can change the http port, but I’m pretty sure many others have had the same issue, so I’d like to suggest changing the default port to a unique one, to avoid more people having the same issue.

Sure that, as a transitional measure, two ports can be listened to for some time before dropping the old one.


8384, ascii for “ST”. Quite easy to remember as well.


Syncthing will try the next port if 8080 is in use, I think it tries up to port 8089.

Edit: actually getFreePort() seems to choose a random high port. Either way, syncthing will start.

The issue is that synching is a system daemon (so it starts first), and many common developer tools starts services on :8080 for testing, that’s why I’d rather it not use 8080 by default.

Port 8080 being a common port is also an advantage: it’s available by default through many firewalls.

This is not really relevant since ST listens to by default, so remote connections are impossible anyway (plus, you should not be exposing it without TLS!!).