Change propagation in "sendreceive" folders shared between multiple devices

Hi folks,

this is currently very mind-boggling to me. But maybe I’m getting something wrong here.

I have a folder A on device 0 that I share with device 1. After I have done that, I also have folder A from device 0 on device 1.

If I then share folder A1 (that’s folder A on device 1 that came from device 0) to a device 2, I have folder A also on device 2.

If I then change the folder A2, is the change first propagated to A1 and from A1 to A0, or is the state global, so that 0 and 1 get the change pushed directly from 2.

Cheers Thomas

It depends if they are connected directly or not, and sharing the folder.

Well. Device 0 shares the folder with device 1. Device 1 then shares this folder with device 2.

This means devices 0 and 2 are not connected directly.

So guessing from your question, I would assume that the change on 2 first propagates to 1. Since 1 has the folder shared with 0, the change from 2 indirectly propagates back to 0.

Right? :slight_smile:

Cheers Thomas


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