Change logging?

I setup syncthing on a OpeMediaVault on a NAS device yesterday.

I have 4GB of storage for sda, it’s soldered on and I can’t change that. This is plenty of space for debian except that my syncthing log is 1GB for the past 24 hours… I don’t have the diskspace for this…

Where can I reduce logging levels? all the rc scripts are links pointing to /etc/init.d/syncthing I don’t see an obvious way to change logging verbosity in there, it seems to pull from /lib/init/ only.

Locate the line inside that script where syncthing is started and check for -verbose. If it isn’t there, the log level is at standard level, which is the minimum.

1GB for 24 hours is way to much, which indicates, that there is something wrong. Check the log for errors or warnings.

After 12 weeks, my log file is only 4MB.

yea, it doesn’t have verbosity set in the init file, I think maybe it’s from some problems I had early on that I corrected (file system permissions, hard links, etc…) I dunno.

I just gzipped the file touched a new one and restarted it. I’ll keep an eye on it and see if it grows.

I did do a quick glance through, but there are 4.3 million lines in that file, so…

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