change host IP address in gui

I have installed syncthing on my windows host and on debian VM. The windows side went well and connect to the GUI when started. However I had trouble getting the VM syncthing to connect (I could see the device in the web GUI but was disconnected. I researched and tried different IP address and port in the config.xml with no success. I then (Foolishly) changed the IP address in the hosts GUI settings to what was in the ifup eth1 output. So now when I try to start the host syncthing - the web GUI doesn’t come up.

Is there anyway to get into the web GUI setting to change it back???

It’s also in config.xml

On Windows 10 - where do I find the config.xml file to edit? I’m assuming from the DOS command line - but what path??


It shows you as you run syncthing -paths

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Thankyou so much. I have been able to change the device gui address back to what it was originally ( , and can now connect to the syncthing web gui. I’m still not sure how to find what the IP address should be so that the debian virtual machine can connect to it.

Once again - thanks

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