Change GiB, MiB, KiB to GB, MB, KB

Hello Everyone,

I am a new Syncthing user. I added a folder to sync and saw Global State to be 11.2 GiB. I checked the properties, the folder’s size is 4.3 GB. At first, I didn’t noticed the difference in the Unit, and later when I did noticed, I couldn’t find the option or a way to change the unit.

How to change the Units of GiB, MiB, KiB to GB, MB, KB?

I am using SyncTrazor with Syncthing v0.14.47 on Windows 10 (64 bit).

Can someone please help me with this?

Thank you. S

Just click on the units.

Units of Download Rate and Upload rate are clickable, but not those of Local and Global State. Neither in Folder details nor in Device Details.

Why would you want it in GB instead of GiB? Most OSes (including Windows) show you GiB even if they call it GB.

Ubuntu (18.04) outputs just K, M or G for df -h and du -h commands.

And when the property of a folder is accessed via GUI, it shows the unit as KB, MB and GB.

I do not have access to a Mac, but I’ll check this on Widows ASAP.

KB, MB and GB seem to be more common.

As I said, those are KiB, MiB, GiB; not KB, MB, GB (even if it is called as such). If you want df to output KB, MB, GB you have to use -H or --si instead of -h.

I think you don’t know what KiB, MiB, GiB is.

macOS is (I think) alone in showing actual base-10 KB. Other OS:es are indeed typically base-2 KiB but may (mis)label it as KB.

I don’t think this matters in the least though, and I don’t support making it configurable.


The problem of the OP isn’t really about units, but that Syncthing reports 11.2 GB/GiB, while the OS / file manager reports 4.3 GB/GiB.

What does the local state show? Maybe the additional 6.9 GiB are from remote and not yet synced.

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