change config files location

I was able to get syncthing up and running in a docker environment. I noticed that it seemed to put some “config” type files in the same folder as the backups, is there a way to change this in the docker compose or configuration post install?

This is not specific to a docker environment, but it will get you started. Shut everything down. Make a backup. Move the config files where you want. Restart Syncthing using -config or -home to set the directory and database location (-home if keeping together, -config and -data if keeping separate).

“The config location defaults to $HOME/.config/syncthing (Unix-like), $HOME/Library/Application Support/Syncthing (Mac), or %LOCALAPPDATA%\Syncthing (Windows). It can be changed at runtime using the -config flag.”

See Syncthing — Syncthing v1 documentation and Syncthing Configuration — Syncthing v1 documentation

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