Centos 7 X64 SyncThinker Auto Installer Sets GUI IP

This runs under a user instead of root user and allows customer inpute data along the way of install process.

Loaded over 5 servers in no time!! This script also sets up ip/domain for server also.

Hope this helps others and enjoy.

:grin::v:Working SyncThinking Scriptv1.txt (13.8 KB)

That script contains stuff like rm -rf /usr/bin/syncthing. There may be reasons to delete that, but there’s no reason for using -rf all over and in general you shouldn’t manually delete stuff in /usr. What I am saying: If you are thinking about using this, read and modify it, don’t just try it out.

Here is version 1.2 with no rm -rf commands at all.* Beta SyncThinking Scriptv1.2.txt (11.8 KB) Works on running servers with no rm -rf commands at all.

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