Cell Camera, no connected device has the required version

I’m trying to sync my Android cell phone’s photos with a folder on my laptop. I have a recurring issue with “no connected device has the required version of this file”.

I 2-way sync my phone’s photos (/storage/emulated/0/DCIM) with my laptop (C:\Users\kevin\Documents\cell-camera). It works fine until I go to https://photos.google.com/ and delete unwanted photos. Then I get the “no connected device…” message.

The only way I have found to clear the message is to reset the DB. Is there some tweak to my setup which would prevent the message?

To clarify, you’re visiting the Google Photos website on your laptop, which causes the files to be deleted from the phone? And you want this deletion to propagate to the synced folder on the laptop?

What folder types have you set on each side? Both “Send & Receive”?

I have the same setup between phone and laptop, except that I move the files on the laptop directly, without any Google involvement.

Thank you for the reply. Yes visiting Google Photos on laptop and deleting photos there. Yes, I want the deletion to propagate through the phone to the laptop. Yes, phone and laptop both set to “Send & Receive”.

Just to confirm, are your Syncthing versions up-to-date on both sides?

Where is the error message displayed, on the phone or laptop? Where are you resetting the DB to get rid of it?

You could try to trigger a manual rescan on the phone, where the file was deleted. Open the Web GUI from the left slide-out menu. Click “Rescan all” below the shared folders.

There are some ways to get debugging information about the files, but let’s try the easy steps first.

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