Caveats of setting .stfolder and .stversions to the same folder?

Is there any reason why I should not set markerName to .stversions, or set versioning/fsPath to .stfolder, or set them both to something else like .syncthing?

Does syncthing use the dates/attributes on the above folders, such that setting them to the same folder would break something? What about putting files inside the markerName folder? Also, is there any way to set the path of the .stignore file to be inside the markerName folder?

It seems to me that a single folder for sync data would be cleaner, if this would not break syncing operations.

That should all be fine, except you can’t move .stignore unfortunately.

Thanks for the info, though I am still curious as to whether syncthing uses the dates on the markerName folder for anything? Might something trigger if it is unix-touched, for example?

As to .stignore, perhaps a path/flag could be added in the future. It might be convenient to be able to specify a system-wide static .stignore file, or one common for all shared .git projects, etc~

Nope, nothing, the only task for the marker is to exist. There have been various thoughts and initiatives for consolidating things underneath .syncthing instead, but so far not driven all the way.

Okay, thanks~

One hitch though, it seems the marker folder isn’t being auto-created on making a new synced folder, if markerName is set to a non-default value. I suppose I’ll just use the default for now~ :3

Windows SyncTrayzor 1.1.29/Syncthing 1.23.1

Yeah, using a custom name is taken as a signal that Syncthing shouldn’t mess with it but just assume it exists.

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