Case Sensitive Duplication - How To Clean Up


I’ve got a Syncthing cluster of a number of Macs and a couple of Linux-based NAS units. Unfortunately one of our users has done a case-sensitive-only rename of a folder on one of the Macs - now we have two copies of this on the NAS units, and folders which stubbornly stay ‘Out of Sync’ on the Macs.

Reading suggests that the only reliable way of cleaning this up is to stop Syncthing on all devices, delete the indexes, and restart.

Unfortunately a couple of the machines in the cluster are in different countries, and coordinating a complete shutdown and index rebuild is going to be nigh-on impossible.

So I’m looking at alternative ways of cleaning this up - here’s my current thought process:

  1. Make a backup of the conflicting folders on one Mac and one NAS;
  2. Rename the parent folder of the conflicting folders;
  3. Make a new folder with the desired parent folder name;
  4. Move all non-conflicting children of the parent folder back into place;
  5. Make a new folder for the conflicting folder with the desired name;
  6. Copy all contents of the conflicting folder back into place;
  7. Delete the renamed parent folder.

Do you think that will work? And will I need to wait between any steps for the changes to propagate to all nodes in the cluster - e.g. between steps 2 and 3?

And will it be safe to assume that, assuming the Shared Folder is otherwise in sync, all Macs will have the latest versions of files in their version of the conflicting folder, even if the case-sensitivity of that folder name isn’t consistent across machines?

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You can completely rename the folder on the mac to something else, wait for that to propagate and rename back.

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Thanks Audrius - that sounds simpler than I had imagined!

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