Case insensitivity (again)

Having read all the previous threads I know this has been around for a while and I have also read threads explaining why it’s difficult to implement across different languages and platforms.

So a simple ask, could there be an option to turn on / off case insensitivity. I have a windows to windows - send / receive setup and I have quite a lot of failed syncs due to the file extensions either being jpg or JPG depending on what camera took the picture. Presently it’s hovering around 300Gb failed items.

This way at least some of us would benefit on a pure windows sync and others can at least experiment to see if it works for their setup.

The underlying problem is that it requires a more or less complete refit of the index database and surrounding logic. It’s not trivial to implement in the current architecture.

Fair enough

I understand that the newer versions of W10 supports case sensitivity with some command lines on specific directories, so I will do some experimenting to see if I can work around it.


As a follow up, the experiment seems to have worked.

I had to install linux for windows and enable case on the sync folder. I also wiped my ‘already downloaded’ synced files and renamed the db folder to force it to start again. I suspect I could have done it using existing data but I wanted to see what Syncthing did as a whole.

So the two interesting things were…

Less out of sync / failed errors. There are some but they get mopped up eventually.

The overall download speed was far faster than expected.

This was my 3rd attempt as a sync and in previous attempts I would get to around 5M files / 4Tb of data and it would crawl having gone at full speed initially and as more data appears so it would progressivly get slower to the point where it would take around 4 weeks to get to 4Tb and then the last 800Gb or so would never copy.

Today, 2 weeks after asking the question i’m at 6.1M files / 5Tb and all but 3 jobs are up to date with the failed ones being related to my AV thinking the file is infected and refusing to copy them.