Can't unshare between devices

I have three sites that I used to have a folder shared between. Now I’ve changed it so that one site is the middle man. So its Site 1 <> Site 2 <> Site 3. Site 1 and Site 3 keep re-enabling their share even though I’ve unchecked repeatedly. I don’t see any introducers checked. Site 1 will get the ‘Site 3 would like to share X with you’ and I keep selecting Ignore.

If they magically appear as shared, then you must have an introducer on some device somewhere.

If it’s just popups, then the ignore will work eventually once all the popups in the queue are handled,but bare in mind, ignoring is permanent, and if you ever change your mind the popup will never come back up. If A is proposing to share to B, the right fix is unshare the folder with B on A so it stops it’s proposals.

I already have them as devices for a different share, so the box for enabling is there and ready to be checked. The GUI shows no checked boxes of Introducer anywhere, yet it persists. Is it possible the GUI is wrong? After checking in on it this morning, its just that Site 3 is renabling but Site 1 is not, so the sync never happens but Site 3 just sits there at 0%

It probably sits at 0% because its shared only one way. You have to sort out your config. Introducer settings are per device not per folder. Perhaps look at the XML config file to have a better overview whats set and what isn’t.

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