Cant sync to External SDCard on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge S-MG35F

Cant sync to External SDCard on Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge S-MG35F

Which is the only device where i got 128GB of memory able to get the files on the device.

Sadly syncing sd card is not supported.

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… unless you format it as internal storage, so the SD card will be the new /storage/emulated/0/ and will be encrypted and only usable in that phone.

Unfortunately Samsung does not allow the SDCard to be formattet as internal storage.

It bothers me quite a lot since i got 32GB phone only but 128GB SDCard that i cant even use.

But its posssible for other apps to acces the sdcard why cant syncthing ?

Because other apps aren’t written in Google’s language Go, and use the new file access API to access the files, instead of real file paths. Syncthing can’t do that (at the moment).


Like the (at the moment)

Gives me hope :smiley:


Hm! This information is missing in the FAQ! I added this here: Frequently Asked Questions · syncthing/syncthing-android Wiki · GitHub

But i have Android 7.1.1 (LineageOS) and can sync (a little bit) on external SD Card. But after some success i get “permission deny” errors :frowning: Adding a new share will also not work.

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I may have found a workaround, at least for my use case, which is backing up stuff from the SD card to other machine(s).

  1. Set up the sync folder as “Folder Master” / “Send Only”.
  2. Manually create or copy an existing .stfolder into the folder.
  3. Cross fingers.

It hasn’t finished syncing yet, but it has finished a scan, and has started transferring data. I’m going to let it run overnight and follow up in the morning.

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Afaik, nothing changed in the Android world since my last summing-up. The FAQ is definitively not complete and needs an update.

Would you mind updating the FAQ?

I’m using a very loose definition of “morning” here, but the backup did eventually complete successfully. I only starting playing with Syncthing yesterday, so I’m sure I’m still missing a lot - for example, the Android FAQ.

@Nutomic were you asking me to update the FAQ or @xduugu?

I meant @xduugu since he brought it up, but feel free to edit it yourself :wink:

Done! :grinning:

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