can't sync in a program files subfolder

Hello, i work with syncthing and now with synctrayzor, but on a new machine i can’t manage to sync a folder inside c:\program files\etc… folder

It doesn’t work and appear unsync. If i force start in admin mode in works, but it doesn’t start with windows that way.

I don’t understant as i already sync this folder, but on my brand new PC i can’t make it work.

Maybe you can help ?


That is a OS owned special directory that you cannot sync to as a normal user (and in theory you should not). You can try changing the permissions of the folder (bad idea) or running syncthing as admin (bad idea). Ideally you’d sync in to a normal directory instead.

Yes but it is a sub folder of program files of course in need to sync, not the whole folder, and the thing is i already do this on 3 other PC. On this particular PC i can’t…

Just curious: Do you need this for Software deployment? Or are there regular config updates to be necessary in that folder? If it’s a domain, Software deployment should be more easy by making a custom WIX MSI package and let this set config dir perms automatically along where required. I’m doing this if nothing else fits and let Syncthing do the rest (config only).

The core problem is due to permissions, so you should fix those. There are plenty of guides on the internet how to do that.

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I need a particular folder to sync because there are somes scripts in there i need in multiples computers. And i can’t move it another place.

I found a way bay allowing admin rights to my scripts folder somewhere in a sub sub sub folder in programs files.

The stranger thing is i didn’t do anything particular on others computer to sync thoses sames files.


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