Cant sync folder, says "Out of Sync"

Most of the company is MAC. a few of us use windows. As a windows user, in 4 months of trying, I have not managed to sync any of our shared folders.

In the logs, I see tens of thousands of entries like this:

[SDOMM] 11:53:16 INFO: Puller (folder "xx" (xx-xx), file "xxx\\Assets\\Blobs\\Photorealistic\\Stack_04_ReflectionADD.png"): finisher: file modified but not rescanned; will try again later

Followed by this:

[SDOMM] 11:53:16 INFO: Folder "xxxx" (xxxx) isn't making progress. Pausing puller for 1m0s.

This then repeats itself at infinitum.

The crux is this:

  1. Many of the users of the bad files have left the company, so I cant contact them to fix it.
  2. Many of the users I have no contact details for - they are remote workers and I dont know who they work for.
  3. Even if I could contact the originator of the files, what would I tell them? Please rename 5,000 of your mac files?
  4. I cant see the files, so cant fix them myself.
  5. In addition to this, there are 200 “conflicted files” which need resolution. As I did not cause the conflict, and I dont know who did, these will never be resolved.

Dropbox, onedrive and google drive don’t seem to have these problems.

Are there any solutions to the above?

From reading this post and the others you have made in the last few days it seems there is a disconnect between what Syncthing is and what you expect it to do.

Syncthing is not an enterprise piece of software. It doesn’t allow an admin to change access etc and cannot, by itself, be centrally managed. That is more the role of something like PYDIO or next loud.

Since there is no server acting as the ultimate authority on what the global state is, Syncthing has to make a best guess about which file to choose when 2 devices make modifications before they syncronise again. This means you might see more conflict files than when you use the other services you mentioned. They are just regular files and sync the same way as everything else. If the conflict isn’t affecting you you can ignore it.

Without meaning to sound non-genuine I would ask the honest question, why are you a part of the share of the files don’t affect you?

I might be wrong but I think this error usually comes from a case missmatch in one of the folders in the path. Windows doesn’t recognise case changes in filenames…

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Have you come into the company to take over the maintenance of ST?

What version are you running?

Do you have any ignores set up?

What @Kluppy said: Conflict files aren’t a problem, that’s just how syncthing works. They are (almost) treated and synced like normal files. If those files are obsolete for sure, just delete them.

The main problem, that nothing is synced at all has nothing to do with conflicts. I also am pretty sure that your problems are due different casing of filenames. Syncthing is case sensitive, Mac too, but Windows is not. This is known to cause major problems. Unfortunately if you are not in control of connected devices, I can’t think of anything you can do about it.

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