Can't sync between two encrypted folders

I have 12 devices in the cluster, 3 of them are encrypted. I’ve been trying to get this to work for about a week now, but only some of the devices are connecting. I even completely rebuilt the entire cluster from scratch (deleted the config and database), but at some point in time the problems started again.

Now I will describe a specific problem. There is an unencrypted folder on one device, it was synchronized in encrypted form with 3 other devices. Everything was successful. Then I connected 3 encrypted devices to each other and 2 of them can’t finish syncing even though they have the same data on the disk (in encrypted form they are different but were saved from the same original data). There is nothing interesting in the logs (with default settings).

I also attach a dump of one of the files that cannot be synchronized.

1.txt (1.5 KB)

2.txt (1.6 KB)

This is probably the same problem as your other thread.

I doubt. I synced all encrypted folders from one place (no additional data with zeroes).

I can’t reproduce this from scratch step by step. What can I do to clear up the problem?

Can you post the same syncthing cli debug ... output for one of the files and the two involved devices please. I suspect this is an occurrence of the “missing remote file indices”, which come up every now and then but so far no-one can repro nor has there been any hint in logs or circumstances as to what the root cause may be.
Resetting deltas should help then, i.e. run with --reset-deltas on the device showing the remote device as syncing.

“syncthing cli debug …” i attached in first post




“Index of deleted files” - folder from scratch, no files added or removed. I only pause sync and possible restart service.

Sorry though the attachements there were the actual files. Yeah indeed mistery missing index. I’d tray the delta reset (causes metadata retransfer, not data).

Reset deltas solved issue.

My thoughts on why this might have happened:

  1. I pressed pause while syncing
  2. New devices added during sync
  3. Sync multiple devices at the same time

I thought about the problem again. One of the devices is very slow (cpu/disk). Folders after restarting the service are loaded for 5-10 minutes. Maybe that’s why the other device received only part (i compare dumps before/after reset deltas) of the index?

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