Can't share a folder

Hi! I have one problem and I hope, someone could help me. And sorry for my English :slight_smile: I have a Ubuntu with Syncthing v0.14.47, Linux (64 bit) with shared folders. I also have a v0.14.48-rc.4, Windows (64 bit). These folders are shared with this machine and everything is fine. But now I tried to add one more PC with Windows server, Syncthing v0.14.48-rc.2 and share these folders to this PC also. Pairing was successfull, but invite to these folders are not coming to this PC. Can anyone explain me why?

Are global discovery and relays enabled on all your machines? If not they may have been able to connect previously (to pair the machines) but are now unable to connect and โ€œseeโ€ the new folder.

Assuming global discovery and relays are enabled trying going into the GUI and pressing F5 (reload). Sometimes it takes a moment for a new shared folder to โ€œshow up.โ€

Perhaps you pressed ignore when there was an invite? Anyways, you donโ€™t need to wait for an invite, you can just add a folder with the same ID and share it with that device locally.

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OMG, you right! I found these folders in the ignore section in the config.xml :slight_smile: I might be clicked it when, after one of the last updates, I, suddenly, receive invites to all folders from one of my PC to all paired devices.

Thank you everyone for help!!!

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