Can't Revert Local Changes - Encryption

I’m using the encrypted sync feature of Syncthing and I have local changes (on the main server all clients sync to) that can’t be reverted for some reason. Only 1 out of 5 clients (all using the encrypted sync feature) is having this issue. The device is a Mac running Syncthing installed using homebrew.

I assume the issue is my main server (a Synology NAS). Since, from the perspective of the local Syncthing instance of the Mac, there are no issues reported. But my NAS reports local changes and my attempts at deleting the files by pressing the “revert local changes” button are not successful. The folder on the NAS is configured as “receive encrypted”.

Other clients are able to write to the same folder on the NAS. I already tried running the container as root. It worked fine for a while before this issue. There are currently more than 30 files that apparently refuse to get deleted. Syncthing reports the total file size as 0 bytes.

I think I can just delete the files manually. But, when you encrypt the files, they are split all over the place and get renamed with long random strings. It can take some time to track down the scattered files and, honestly, it does not seem like a good solution. If, in the future, this happens again the issue might be due to 100+ different encrypted files. So I was looking for a non-manual solution. Is deleting and syncing my folder from scratch the only other solution?

More details:

Running using a docker container on a Synology NAS DS918+ (ignored permissions is enabled to avoid issues with Synology). Here are my logs when attempting to sync and then when attempting to “Revert Local Changes”.

Both devices run Syncthing v1.20.4 The logs may show a different version because I updated Syncthing before making this post. It didn’t solve the issue and the logs look the same.

The logs seem truncated. If you run from the command line, please start Syncthing with --logfile=default --log-max-size=0, then enable model and db debug logging, try to revert the changes, and lastly shut Syncthing down. After all that, please upload the full syncthing.log file that will be present in your Syncthing home folder (i.e. where config.xml and the database is usually located).

Just in case you can’t find or can’t access the home folder on the NAS easily, you could also go to the Advanced Configuration in the Syncthing Web GUI, enable “Debugging” under GUI, perform all the steps listed above regarding the debug logging and reverting local changes, and then click “Support Bundle” under the “Actions” menu. This will provide a zip file with various files that can be useful in debugging, including the logfile.

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