Can't get syncthing's connection to move from one system to another

I have a connection to syncthing running on a Beaglebone Black (single board computer like a Raspberry Pi), this connection is currently from a laptop running xubuntu. I want to move the connection from the laptop to a desktop machine also running xubuntu (on the same LAN as the laptop).

I have added the Beaglebone Black’s device identification to the desktop’s Syncthing configuration but the connection won’t start up. The connection from the laptop still works. I don’t have GUI access to the Beaglebone Black, it’s a headless machine anyway, but I can ssh into it and restart syncthing etc.

How can I kick the new connection into life?

You need to accept it on the Beaglebone’s Syncthing Web GUI. Best use an SSH tunnel like this:

ssh -L 18384:localhost:8384 your.beagle.bone.IP

Then connect to it from your desktop’s browser, pointing it at localhost:18384.

When the connection is established, you need to tick the checkbox to share the folder with the desktop as well (or accept the sharing request if the desktop is already configured to share the folder with the Beaglebone).

That’s going to be rather difficult, not impossible, but difficult. The Beaglebone is connected using reverse ssh tunnels already. So even to ssh connect to the beaglebone it’s:-

ssh cheddar nc -q0 localhost 51234

Where cheddar is an intermediate system.

Is there not a syncthing command line way to do this?

I have just tried the above. ‘odin’ is the Beaglebone Black’s name in my ~/.ssh/config file:-

chris$ ssh -L 18384:localhost:8384 odin

Then, when I try and connect from my browser to localhost:18384 I get a message:-

Open A website wants to open this application

… and then a further error pop-up.

Ah, but… :slight_smile:

If I try and connect to http://localhost:18384 it works!!

For some weird reason it needs the http:// explicitly on the front. Anyway I now have it working. Thank you acolomb.

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