Can't find config.xml on Chromebook

Hi, I’ve installed the latest version on my Chromebook (within the Linux container). I cannot find my config file. I’ve checked the current location ($HOME/.local/state/syncthing) and the old location, since I did have it installed previously ($HOME/.config/syncthing) and it’s in neither location.

Any ideas where else I might find it?

Assuming that Syncthing was started at least once and got a chance to complete its initialization, the two paths you checked are where config.xml should normally be.

Try a find / -name config.xml inside the container.

How is Syncthing installed inside the container? (via Syncthing’s APT repo?)

Hi, thanks for the reply. Initially it was installed via APT using the Debian source list.

It was suggested that I upgrade to the latest version of Syncthing via flatpak. I found the config file at ./.var/app/me.kozec.syncthingtk/config/syncthing/config.xml. I probably should have just added the Syncthing repo to my sources.

Thanks again.

Flatpak is great for standalone console and desktop applications, but server services such as Syncthing require special attention because Flatpak runs apps in individual sandboxes, which means out-of-the-box Syncthing cannot access files outside of its Flatpak installation directory.

On Debian-based systems, if at all possible, Syncthing’s official APT repo is generally the best option for getting the latest version (short of building from source).

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I’m using the standard repo install on my Chromebook and the config file is exactly where you would expect it to be… .config/syncthing

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