Cant download large (4-20 gb) files

There’s no error messages. The syncthing is v1.14.0-rc3. It connects, downloads 30 seconds at 100 baud second, then just stops. A couple times it throws a connection refused error, about once every 30 min to hour?

Everything 100 K or less just downloaded at 1 MB/s. Im used to filezilla, however the wifi modems here have no firewall settings, and I cant afford anything new at the moment.

I have tls on also in LADP. Tried compression/no compression? Any help or advice is appreciated.

Are you using v1.14 on both sides?

There are always error messages.

theres just the login messages, in the log report.

thought it was, but turned no. ill try again when the other side fixes that and see if it persists.

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