Can't add parent folders as syncing folders

I’m using the 1.22.2 on Android 13 T2B1.221118.006 the actual beta release.

And I can’t use the standard Download folder of Android as a syncthing folder. I got the message, that I have to use another folder. For the safety of my data.

Is there any solution?

Best regards dharwardt

Starting optionally with Android 10, and mandatory with Android 11 and up, permissions must be granted on a per app per folder basis – the app that originally created a folder/directory has access to it while all other apps must be granted access when you try to access the folder/directory for the first time.

Check your Pixel 6’s Android settings, and specifically the apps permissions for Syncthing. It needs “Allow management of all files”. Then when you try to write to a folder/directory Syncthing didn’t originally create, you’ll be prompted to grant access.

Hey gadget, thanks for your idea, I’ve checked and I’ve already granted the rights and also trying to reinstall and still doesn’t work :pleading_face:

There might be an extra layer of protection on your “Downloads” folder. Android 11 and up combines FUSE with SELinux to control access to individual folders.

There’s an excellent file manager app called Material Files. Browse to the “Downloads” folder and tap the more/hamburger icon on the left and select “Copy path”. It’ll display the copied path in a bubble. What is the path?

It’s /storage/emulated/0/Download I’m still very confused that it had worked before but after I deleted the .stfolder and readding and updating android it doesn’t worked any longer.

If you enable the advanced folder picker in the settings, you should be able to enter any folder path. Does it work then? Might “just” be a problem with that folder choosing activity thing.

You mean this option? Sadly doesn’t help

What happens?

Same error message. So the file picker opens. I can’t enter the path by my own

Using Material Files again, tap the dot-dot-dot icon for the “Downloads” folder and select “Properties”. How do the basic and permissions tab look?

That got me confused, and trying myself still has me confused: In my memory that option enables a simple text input (with auto-completion maybe?) to enter a folder path - however it just opens the normal folder picker activity for me now. So no surprise the same is happening there. Either I misremember or something broke (which is unlikely, at least I can’t remember any code changes).

Alternative option to do add the folder at that path: Go to the web UI and create the folder there.

While setting up my Pixel 7 this week, this was the only way I could get it to work. I had to use the GUI as the app wouldn’t give me access.

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