Can't add new folder nor to save changes to existing one

Hello Syncting community, I started using Syncthing few weeks ago and would like to ask for a help on the issue I faced today. I’m syncing three folders from my Windows 7 machine to Linux machine. Few weeks ago I did that configuration and everything went OK till today when I deleted two empty subfolders in one of the target folders on Linux machine. That caused “Out of sync” on source folder on Windows 7. I tried to get it rid by pressing “Overide changes” but no luck with this, so I decided to run syncthing -reset-database. When scan was completed there were no more “Out of sync” for those two subfolders but now I can’t add more folders nor to edit parameters in existing three folders: Save button is grayed out, Ignore patterns button is grayed out, checkbox for “Select the devices to share this folder with.” option is “not responsive”, etc. On both sides (Windows 7 machine, Linux machine) there is the same result as described above. So interesting is that synchronization is running properly. How can I solve this issue?

Did you try refreshing the page or looking at the logs?

Yes, I restarted the browser, rebooted Windows 7 machine. In C:\Users\rafik\AppData\Local\Syncthing\syncthing.log I see nothing that might help to solve the case. But as far as I remember there is a way to enable more verbose logging level which I’m going to do and let’s see if there will be more details in the log…

Check the browser console for errors too. Can you also post a screenshot of what you see?

OK, now I see that refreshing web console by pressing F5 button brings back the possibility to edit folders and adding the new one as well. Restarting the browser or rebooting machine is not the solution. I think we can close the case. Thanks for your excellent and fast support.

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