can't access web gui since version 0.14.37 (windows)

(prior to update, antivirus disabled and windows 8.1 firewall disabled)

Since version 0.14.37 I can’t access my web gui through my personalized port or :XX84 or even setting config.xml to default with: <address></address>

Just pressing the blue button to upgrade to 0.14.37 (or later to 0.14.38) and the syncthing log start saying:

syncthing log with the listenerSupervisor error:

[X23LE] 18:52:09 INFO: c.S.listenerSupervisor: Failed service 'dynamic+' (1.000000failures of 2.000000), restarting: true, error: "{dynamic+ dynamic+} returned unexpectedly", stacktrace: [unknown stack trace]

…overwrite the .exe with version 0.14.36 and work like a charm.

I have upgraded two other machines with linux to 0.14.37 without issues. Only happen this in my windows machines (more than one, different geolocations, same problem)

I have been upgrading syncthing for windows and linux since version 0.14.8 without any problem.

Version Information

Syncthing Version: when updating 0.14.36 to v0.14.37 (also fails with 0.14.38)

OS Version: Windows 8.1 64b / (linux no problems, same update)

Browser Version: Google Chrome 60.0.3112.113 (Official Build) (64-bit)

This MUST be a firewall issue, there was literally no change in that location in the code for this to happen. I suggest you whitelist syncthing in your firewall/AV.

There’s also not 10 000 angry Windows users with pitchforks tearing up the forum and bug tracker. Which indicates this is luckily isolated.

If I’m the only one, seems to be a problem with my config. Very strange because update after update I havent had this problem. until 0.14.37.

As I mention in the first post, antivirus is stopped and windowsfirewall totally disabled as per Jakob suggestion, and the problem persist.

I will see what I can find. At least, the post is in the forum if somebody has a similar issue. Thanks.

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