Can't access GUI from outside the network even after opening ports and changing address

Hi there, all!

Using latest stable Syncthing on Windows. Running syncthing.exe -no-console at startup. I have changed the GUI to and set Username and Password as well as set https. I can access within the network using the local machine) or (from any other device on the network, where the indicated IP is the Syncthing machine’s IP).

However, I cannot connect to Syncthing from outside my network. Trying to connect over the internet to mysite.ext:8384 resultes in nothing loading up. I have redirected ports TCP 22000, UDP 21027 and TCP 8384 to which is the Syncthing machine.

I have other web gui services running on this machine and have the ports redirected in a similar fashion and I can connect to these without a hitch.

Any ideas what might be missing?

Hi. Did you open the port incoming in Windows firewall?

The OP says he can access the GUI on the Windows machine from his LAN. So the firewall on that machine must be open, I think.

Which means port forwarding is not setup correctly/not working.

Thanks both for replying.

The ports are open on router and windows firewall. I changed the port to 8080 as i had a different service running on this port and changed that service to 8384 instead. Now I can connect to my previous service on 8384 but Syncthing still won’t show up on 8080. Went back to the original port setups and same thing. So it seems it’s some issue within my Syncthing setup and not port issues.

What is the actual error you get in the browser?

The browser just wont load and times out!Screenshot attached. My 3 local machines I can access them fine, the remote machine, no joy. However, I changed the ports on all machines and made them sequential: 8081, 8082, 8083, 8084. Now I can connect to all 4 machines using the exact same procedure to open the ports on the router and without any extra work. However, as soon as I change any one of them to 8384 and open that port in the exact same fashion as the others, it won’t load. Reverting to an 808x port works fine again.

So my issue is solved by using another port other than the predefined 8384 for some reason.


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