Can't access GUI across network - have set

I’m adding a system to several I have already running syncthing. It’s a headless Raspberry Pi so I need to open up the GUI to allow connections across my LAN. I’ve already done this before on another Raspberry Pi but I can’t get the new one to work.

I’ve changed the GUI section in config.xml to:-

<gui enabled="true" tls="false" debugging="false">

However I’m still getting “Unable to connect” when I point my browser to port 8384 on the new Raspberry Pi.

What have I missed?

Firewalls (including local one on the Pi), usually.

It’s all on a hard wired LAN so no firewall. I can ssh into the Pi so its firewall (if there is any) isn’t blocking port 22.

No, I’ve checked, there’s no firewall on the Pi and, as I said, it’s on a LAN wired direct (via a switch) to the system I’m trying to connect from.

Sorry, me again. After going away for a while (a couple of hours) it’s all working now. I’ve not rebooted anything so I don’t quite understand why syncthing took time to allow me to connect. However, it now works so I’m happy! :slight_smile:

Syncthing can take a while to start on a low-powered device if you have large folders.

Also: Did you edit the config file while syncthing was not running. If you edit it and then restart syncthing, syncthing will write its current in memory config to the file.

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