Cannot open the folder. Location is now available

Created a new folder on another disk and pasted a path of it in Syncthing in browser. Downloaded synced folder from another user and can’t open downloaded folder. There is an error: OS is Windows 11

So your Windows system actually shows a drive letter E?

Can you get to E:\Sync without error?

Some part of E:\Sync\Video 1 - A.I doesn’t exist (due to the sans serif font used in the screenshot, I cannot tell if that last letter is an uppercase “I” – as in “igloo” – or a lowercase “L”.)

So far it sounds like a Windows permissions issue rather than a Syncthing issue.

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Fuck you, gadget, what the fuck is wrong with letter E?




Btw, thanks for you response, really appreciate your help!

Hi! It’s me Jonathan Fistus here. I’ve been having the same problem. My son Ronny who is using Syncthing to share music with others has the same issue as mentioned above. But in his case the folder is called ‘Shlocik’. How do I resolve this?


Also fuck you stupid shit reading this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Alright I am joking with the summary in the last post. My son is really mad about this since I am posting this from his account. Really how do you resolve this?

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There’s nothing wrong with the letter E itself, but according to Windows there is something wrong with the pathname so you’ll have to trace out which part of the pathname Windows doesn’t like, starting with the drive letter E.

If you don’t mind, could you paste the path to this forum or check the path for any unusual characters?

Although Windows supports double-byte encoding in pathnames, it’s still very particular about what is and isn’t allowed, especially for folder names.

(This is a public forum seen by both young and older users, so please keep the cursing to a minimum, or preferably, not at all.)

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I want to apologize for my behavior, gadget.

It was really impolite and inexpressibly rude. Regarding this folder, I can’t even delete it with third-party software. I guess this folder 60 GB sized will be with me until my next Windows reinstall. It has some sort of magic in it, like rune stone or Excalibur stuck in my PC for ages.

I want to express to you my pleasure with your attempt to help and gratefulness for your valuable time.


I just love my E drive so much.

Check folder ownership and permissions. Give your user full ownership of the folder. (Windows’ filesystem ownership & permissions are not intuitive.)

Also, check which “user” Syncthing is running as. Mapped drives for one user won’t show up for another user on the same computer.

For example, if you mapped a drive for your user, but Syncthing is running under another user account (or as SYSTEM), then it will not recognize that drive letter.

Thanks, much appreciated. I was curious rather than offended, so no real harm done.

Microsoft has a small tool called AccessEnum ( Use it to scan the drive and see what the permissions and ownership are like.

If the drive volume is formatted as NTFS, every file and folder will be assigned a SID (identifies the owner). The SID can be lost due to various reasons, which then causes access issues.

Another possibility is that your login and/or the user Syncthing is running under aren’t allowed by the current folder permissions.

Either way, as long as you have Administrative privileges on the PC, it’s easy to reset the permissions.