Cannot get my Photos folder to sync across 2 machines

I am trying to sync my main folder of Photos from one machine to another (they both had a full copy on each that were in theory identical to start).

The picture below (the SENDER)


The picture below (the RECEIVER)


I cannot get the two to sync together and the overall status of the RECEIVER is sat at 98%

Is it the amount of files that are being synced thats the problem? I have tried numerous times adding and removing this pairing, always with the same result.

Any ideas? I am not sure what else to offer for information.

Both folders are send only, nobody is going to receive anything.

My bad, dragged the wrong image on for the Receiver. Updated it now.

Did you check the logs?

Actually, you just need to override changes from one side. It seems the other side has made some local modifications.

There are some “Failed to exchange Hello messages… broken pipe” at the end. This is what the main screen looks like on the Send side (everytime I run from scratch the Receiver is sat at 98%)

I think my previous comment should answer this.

I have hit the Overide Changes button, sorry this is my first day with SyncThing so I am getting to grips with it.

Your comment does not explain if that fixed it or not.

Yes I think so. Just have an issue with 118 items it believes has an invalid file name on the Receive side. I will rename them all on the send side to see if it corrects the issue.

Ok all sorted now thanks.

It appears the the filename of 118 files was prefixed with a hidden character of “x10” making the file “x10Y6 Leavers…” instead of “Y6 Leavers…”

Bulk rename of all 118 corrected the issue.

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