Cannot add remote devices on Android Tablet without camera

Dear development team,

There are no ways to add remote devices on Android Tablet witout a camera!

On android devices, its seems that there are only two ways to add remote devices: (a) scan the QR code of the remote device’s ID (b) key in the remote device ID character by character as you have no way to paste the whole device ID!

so there are no ways unless you are willing to key in the very-very-very-long remote device ID character by character

so any way to work around? or allow copy and paste the device ID in next version of Syncthing?


I cannot speak for the inability of pasting the ID in the application, but as a workaround you can simply open the Web GUI (from the left panel), and then administer the devices there. Copy & paste definitely works in the Web GUI (which is basically just a Web site).

You can also just add the tablet on the other device(s) and just accept the connection(s) on the tablet.

Thanks all for your suggestions!

I have tried to add the tablet device ID to my android phone

and shared one folder, but the tablet does not have anything happened.

Am I missing something?


You should get a pop-up on the tablet asking about adding a new device. If nothing happens, then most likely the devices are simply unable to connect with one another. Usually, this is caused by something like a firewall or similar. Can the two devices actually even see each other? Are they located in the same network?

Thanks all for your kindly helpb

The problem has been solved by doing two things:

(a) in the tablet, go to its Web GUI

(b) in the Android phone, share a folder, and select the tablet.

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