Cannot Add Folder or Add Remote Device

When I click the “Add Folder” or “Add Remote Device” buttons on my SyncThing home page [v0.14.7, Windows 64 bit, viewed at in Google Chrome (with extensions disabled) and in Firefox], no dialog appears. (The buttons ‘depress’ but no popup appears.) Other buttons - such as to edit an existing folder - work as expected. I imagine this is a bug but is there something straightforward I’m overlooking?

Check javascript console for errors.

Also try a different browser.

No errors visible in Javascript console, and no notifications appear on clicking the button. Though in fact “nothing happens” is not quite accurate: Chrome reports “Waiting for” as an overlay to the webpage in the bottom corner, and the Favicon is replaced with a “loading” swirly circle.

I’ve tried both Chrome and Firefox, are there other browsers that you would recommend I try?

Sounds like a deadlock, try sending a SIGQUIT to the process to get the stacktraces to stdout

As Syncthing was running with the --no-console option, I terminated it using Ctrl-Alt-Esc and re-launched syncthing.exe through Windows Explorer. This seems to have resolve the issue – should have thought to try this sooner, I suppose. Thanks for your help!

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