Cannot access certain directories

I have rooted my android device (using lygisk) running Lineage OS. I want to sync an applications data and the application stores its data in /data/data/com.application/ directory. I can view this directory from my file manager. But syncthing cannot see this directory and detects no files. I have also enabled syncthing as superuser in the settings. I tried to add this folder using the WebUI. Is what im trying to do even possible given the recent android restrictions?

You may not get a lot of responses because I don’t think there are a lot of people rooting their phones these days.

I have no way of assisting you. Sorry.

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Maybe selinux policies kicking in … :wink:

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I see. Guess making SELinux permissive is a bad idea… Ima just give up on this :sob: Still thanks for the replies guys

The only file in the root area that I’ve ever been interested in modifying is the host file. Out of curiosity what are you trying to back up in the hidden area of Android that really doesn’t need to be backed up.

check out this thread. Im trying to backup files from a notes application. The application already supports Nextcloud backups. But I wanted to utilize Syncthings version control.

I see. You’re using a note taking app called Saber. And, I’m gathering there is no way, currently, for you to sync between devices? Or, you would prefer to use something other than what they offer?

It doesn’t have a finger drawing feature, but I use a similar app called Joplin.

On Android, Joplin lets you set a local folder for syncronization. I am going to set up a new profile and give Syncthing a run through to see if it works. I suspect it will.

After I’m done testing Joplin with Syncthing I will update this thread.

I have attached a pic from Android showing that you can use a local folder, OF YOUR CHOICE, to sync data to.

It’s very similar, I think. I don’t use Syncthing with Joplin because it has cloud support via MS Onedrive, and for $1.99/month I get 100 GB space. That’s how I’m doing notes. Joplin is open source and has no fees unless you choose to use their cloud services.

I switched because I was using paid Evernote and it got expensive. I was paying in part for their cloud storage but Onedrive is a fraction of what I was paying. So, no Syncthing for me either, but I have accepted the fact.

You have created an interest for me to see if I can pair Syncthing with Joplin. It has a nice web clipper browser extension that I use also.

I’ll put up a follow up post after I test Joplin with Syncthing and Syncing between Android and Windows.

It Works!!

If you take a look at Joplin, and like it, you can use it with Syncthing!! It stores everything in Markdown format, I’m pretty sure.

It’s the best solution I can come up with that will let you use a very nice note taking app, and also sync with Syncthing.

Both are open source.

Only solution I can offer.

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