Can you use syncthing on a server with E2EE?

Can you setup a syncthing server on a VPS or hosting provider and have the files and folders stored on the server encrypted and only allowing yourself to see the files and folders?

The short answer “right now” is no. The long answer is that you can do it using another tool such as cryfs, gocryptfs (Windows implementation here), or Veracrypt. There are various difficulties with all these approaches, but they will all work.

Alternatively, Syncthing is testing what you are looking for natively.

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New link, for “less-early” testing: Testing Untrusted (Encrypted) Devices

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Will the web client allow for you to browse your encrypted syncthing folders and be able to manage files in the web client?

And could this lead to people or companies easily creating syncthing hosting servers, kinda like cloud storage but using syncthing?

Syncthing has never worked like a web client file manager (other than restoring file versions).

Cloud storage can still be easily created. Just share folders with an untrusted/encrypted “hosting server” Syncthing node. Accept the shared folders and place them inside a folder called “E2EE Sync” (or whatever you would like to call the folder).

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