Can you grant Syncthing root access to sync files to the data directory or your external SD past the version that removed support for that?

I’m just curious since I have some apps on my PC and Steam Deck that use identical file structures across the board and the Android version stores its data within the root directory rather than either main storage directory. I have confirmed that the file structure is also identical on Android with the only exception being where the necessary data is located, so I’m curious if it’d be possible.

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  1. The specific application that I am referring to is one I’d honestly rather not mention the name of publicly? It’s used for rather risque forum roleplay by a fair few people, but I personally do not use it for such. I will say, however, that on SteamOS its data is stored in /home/deck/.config/, on Windows it’s stored in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\, and on Android it’s stored in /data/data/. Gather from that what you will.
  2. The file structure varies slightly across devices, but the part I need to sync is fairly specific, and only contains a list of folders that each have data on roleplay characters, but since all of their important information is essentially stored online, you exclusively keep your chat logs locally, as they don’t store them on their own servers for user privacy reasons. The part that I actually need to sync is what is identical from device to device regardless of operating system. The parent folder is called to from .\applicationname\data\ on Windows and the same but with forward slashes on SteamOS, and on Android the parent folder is stored under ./applicationname/files/.
  3. The reference to the “main storage directory” was a sort of off-handed thing about a completely different folder I wanted to sync with my SD Card that isn’t associated with any application and is just used for photo and document storage.

You mention both steam and android - my answer is only relevant to android: On my rooted lineageos android device accessing those directory with syncthing running as root works.

Also it’s Syncthing or syncthing, not SyncThing :wink:

My device is rooted and can explore to those directories just fine, but it seems to be far more difficult to pass certain root checks lately due to the removal of MagiskHide and the in-app module picker/downloader/installer.

Also, good to know. I’ll remember that for the future. :yum:

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