Can we discuss the new Device "identicons" ?

Would like to hear what others think of this new feature. Here’s my 2 cents:

(1) Seems to add clutter to what was previously a pristine display.

(2) The icons don’t seem to serve any purpose or function. Unless this is the 1st stage of something awesome that will follow later, I don’t see the point. Or, am I missing something that is obvious - LOL ?

(3) I’d prefer to see the empty space on the folder and device bars utilized to help users visualize which folders are connected to which devices (discussed elsewhere in the forum).

Other than that, thanks to all for v.10.2 - it’s terrific!

  1. I wouldn’t call them clutter, but to each their own; wouldn’t be hard to make them optional/settable (and even settable by the node itself, so it broadcasts it’s own icon). E.g. you could choose from “Generated Identicon”, “Node Provided Icon”, or a custom image you choose. All the configuration could potentially be handled/synced similarly to .stignore.
  2. They’re derived from the node ID by the looks of it, so they do serve as a visual clue of which node is which. If you check you’ll see that a particular node’s icon is the same on all nodes.
  3. That’s not mutually exclusive with these node icons.

@calmh you were right :smiley:


@Nutomic Thanks for pointing out the thread where this originated.

I think there is some mis-communication here. I didn’t start this poll just because the identicons look ugly; I wanted to know what problem was solved by this new feature. I am not demanding avatars in 3 … 2 …1 to amuse you or @calmh.

I have a device with ID = “Ubuntu Server” in a cluster. The device shows up on all the other devices, and all display the same identicon. OK - I sort of get it.

Now, I edit the device properties on a different device in the cluster, and change the ID to something that is a mismatch >> "Obonto Server" and then restart Syncthing on that device. I assumed it would come back up with a different icon, but no - the same icon persists. (In case it matters, I have the introducer function disabled.)

Let’s say you are sharing a folder with devices owned by other people, where you do not have access to their WebGUI. How would you know that there was an identicon mismatch or not?

Sorry - I just don’t get it.

It’s just a small element of visual identification based on the device ID (not name). Imagine you are adding the device of your friend; maybe you’re on the phone and she’s telling you the ID. You add it and confirm, “looks kinda like a butterfly?”. “yep!”. Or you’re typing in your own node ID from a note on your cell phone and recognize your regular icon that looks like that monster from Space Invaders.

Or if none of that makes sense, you can view it as a bit of visual whimsy and ignore it. :wink:

It’s not based on the device name, it’s based on the device/node ID.

@calmh @Cyphase

I understand now that the icon is tied to the Device ID, not the Device name.

The usage examples described by calmh explain it well. A visual cue to check and verify Device ID exchange. If others find it useful, I am certainly OK with that! :slight_smile: Thanks.