Can this be used to backup server to server? (FreeBSD to CentOS)

We are looking for a backup solution which will backup or “sync” on a file level, all files on 1 server to a secondary server over the internet.

Is this possible?

Kind regards, Andrew

Sure: synchronising files is what Syncthing was designed to do.

Please note that Syncthing is not intended as a backup solution. In particular:

  1. If you delete a file from the source device, it’s immediately deleted from the destination. That’s usually not what you want from a backup solution.
  2. With a backup solution, you often want to run a command, watch it complete, and get a report at the end saying how much was transferred, any errors or failed files, etc. Syncthing will not give you this.
  3. Syncthing is inherently bidirectional. You can configure one side to be “read-only”, however. If files are changed on the “slave” side, you’ll have to explicitly press a button on the “master” side to have those files reverted to the master’s version.
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Its less of a backup we want as there is no need for us to retain multiple versions of this data, it is simple to replicated it on an external machine in case of hardware failure. As for the deletion of files this will be fine as we have recycling facilities on the main machine which retain data for 14 days.

We just need both machines to hold the same data and be available if 1 or the other goes down.

Do bear in mind that hardware failure could cause Syncthing to think all of your files have been deleted…

If you’re happy making local backups on the CentOS machine for instance, then it should be fine.

Also bear in mind, that Syncthing will not copy owner information. Files are always created under the user/group with which the Syncthing binary is run.

Why are you not using rsync for your problem? Syncthing can also keep versions of your old files. If you delete a file on one server in can be kept on the other. Also rsync is able to do so.

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Or rsnapshot, duplicity, or borg, … I personally like borg best.

Here is a list of reasonable backup programs::

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