Can Syncthing show who edit what?

For example, in Google Drive we can view activity & file versions:

I’m not sure if we have the same feature in Syncthing or not? This sounds like it’s best to use git, but non-technical users will find the learning curve so hard.

There is a “Recent Changes” button in the GUI that I’d say does the same function. The list of changes itself is very limited in number though, so it’s not very useful if you’ve got a lot changes going on.

All the information would be contained in the audit log, see Syncthing — Syncthing documentation

But there is no GUI around that as far as I know, you would have to filter out the relevant bits and present it yourself somehow.

I wonder why there isn’t a gui for that? I see that log output is saved to file “C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Syncthing\syncthing.log”. Is that the same with the audit?

Yes, but it will be a separate log file just for the audit-related information.

There isn’t, because no-one has created one yet :wink:. Please keep in mind though that in the current form, the audit log is very “raw” and can be quite heavy in terms of writing to the disk and taking a lot of space. There’s a reason logging like that isn’t enabled by default.

You’re on Windows, so you may want to check out SyncTrayzor, which provides its own history of events in a user-friendly spreadsheet.

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What is audit-related information? Looking at the two logs I’m still unsure what’s the difference.

I’m using SyncTrayzor right now, but the spreadsheet (actually a csv file) you are mentioning doesn’t contain information about the device making the changes. The notification, while showing this information, also shows when the devices connect or disconnect, which is annoying but I don’t know where to turn this off.

I must have overlooked this setting all the time… It is actually in: Settings → SyncTrayzor → Tray Icon