Can synching help to sync EC2 with PC and Linux server on shared hosting?

I have two folders of files created on my EC2 server. I would like to sync one of these folders, both directions with my desktop. Second folder I would like to copy all new or updated files to my Linux shared hosting (where my website is) - if necessary via my desktop.

I can’t install any software on my Linux server. Prefer an automated solution. For EC2 to Linux server would prefer not to up go via my PC, but can if necessary, and ok during development stage.

What parts of this can synching help me with. Is there a good step by step tutorial for setting up on EC2

What else should I consider, with or instead of syncthing?

Read the docs.

Thanks, you have been a big help - you have told me enough that I know it is time to “move on”[quote=“AudriusButkevicius, post:2, topic:8326, full:true”] Read the docs. [/quote]

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Syncthing must be installed on every machine in your Syncthing cluster. So, if you cannot install anything on the server, Syncthing will not work for you.

I recommend investigating what is already on the server. You probably have SCP and, if you are lucky, rsync.

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