can someone explain me simply how it works?

I know it’s a strange question but I’m unable to do some fundamental steps. I’ve done:

  • download syncthings on my mac (Mac OS 12.3) Setup it going to browser, add:
  • add folder
  • on “general” tab, last line, I choose the folder I want to share

on phone

  • download it for my phone (FairPhone FP3 with \e o.s.)
  • setup the remote device with whom I need to sync

I can’t see if this sync are executed and I cannot find (on my phone) the exact folder where file are synched.

Can someone explain me (or give me some link) where this seps are explained clearly?

Thank you


Based on what you typed you may have missed the actual ‘Sharing’ part.

In the ‘Edit Folder’-panel of the folder you want to sync (this is on your MacOS, left-hand side in the GUI), go to the ‘Sharing’ tab and make sure the device you want to sync this folder with/to is selected (FairPhone).

To the Edit-Folder panel:

Screenshot 2023-02-16 at 12.14.24

Select device to share this folder with:

If this wasn’t done yet prior, on your phone a notification will pop up that a device wants to share a folder with you. Click on it and make sure to go through the settings there and apply it to set up the actual syncing process (most important is selecting a folder which is to be used on your phone).

This is the screenshot of my mac. As you can see speed (velocita) download and upload is set to 0. In the Mac and also in remote dev (dispositivo remoto Telefono)

How can I be sure that the sync is happened? Because now, I’m not able to determine what is the folder on phone (telefono)

Thaks you a lot and be patient. We have to do that so far each other (and in 2 different language.ù Renato


If you hover with your mouse over that label which I marked in red, you should see some explanatory text.

In my case it says “1The remote device has not accepted sharing this folder”.

This would indicate that your phone never accepted the request to sync that folder. Some notification should have appeared. If not, retry syncing the folder (on your MacBook) with your phone as explained earlier (but then basically unchecking → save and then rechecking the checkbox → save).

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