Can one disable the "Insecure Admin access...." message?

I run syncthing on two systems on a LAN behind a firewall. I have bookmarks to the syncthing admin pages and these always show a ‘!’ because of the “Insecure Admin Access” warning. Is there any way to prevent this? I don’t want to have to use a password every time I want to look at the admin pages.

There is an advanced setting to tone it down.

All I can see is the ‘InsecureAdminAccess’ tick box which has to be ticked to allow passwordless access doesn’t it?

Is there something else I’ve missed?

It is allowed regardless, but with that set you don’t get the huge red prompt every time you load the GUI. It does however still flag a warning once on startup. If that’s the one you are referring to, it cannot be disabled.

Ah, OK, I have the box ticked.

What I want to get rid of is the ‘!’ that appears in the Syncthing logo by my bookmarks. If there is something wrong I want to see a ‘!’ but there isn’t anything wrong so I’d prefer not to have any real problem masked by it being there.

The exclamation mark goes away when the warning is acknowledged. I’m not sure about the bookmark thing. Perhaps you bookmarked them when the warning was present and browser cached it eternally? In that case the bookmarked icon doesn’t reflect the actual state.

Yes, the ‘!’ by the bookmark goes away when you acknowledge the warning in the GUI.

However the problem is more annoyin on my laptop as the warning reappears every time I start the laptop, so the ‘!’ is just about always there in the bookmarks. I rarely open the GUI as syncthing ‘just works’ so well!

It’s just a minor annoyance but it would be useful to be able to get rid of it so that the ‘!’ actually indicates a problem of some sort.

Yeah. It’s not possible to disable this warning. It is a fairly serious condition after all, that every file on your laptop is exposed to anyone who can get a device onto the same network. This follows your laptop around wherever you bring it - Starbucks, etc. A periodic reminder isn’t overkill in my opinion.


OK, I’ll live with it. :slight_smile:

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